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We have a diverse range of practitioners specialized in a wide range of expert fields and therapy techniques.

Meet The Founder

Sarah Karioki


Founder, Therapist and Mental Wellness Coach

Sarah is trained as a psychologist, therapist, counsellor supervisor, and trainer/facilitator. She is a registered professional counsellor with KCPA.  She has a wealth of experience in various aspects of mental wellness. Her fields of interest are Self-awareness, Personal Development, Anxiety issues, Depression issues, Relationship issues, Trauma- related life issues, parenting coaching, relationship coaching and general wellness coaching.

Sarah believes that while we tend to work towards a destination in future, all we ever have is the present moment in time, hence her assertion that the journey is the point of it all. We all have an innate need for companionship along the journey of life and she offers her time and expertise as an empathic companion

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