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We have a diverse range of practitioners specialized in a wide range of expert fields and therapy techniques.

Our Management Team

Sarah Karioki


Founder, Therapist and Mental Wellness Coach

Sarah is trained as a psychologist, therapist, counsellor supervisor, and trainer/facilitator. She is a registered professional counsellor with KCPA.  She has a wealth of experience in various aspects of mental wellness. Her fields of interest are Self-awareness, Personal Development, Anxiety issues, Depression issues, Relationship issues, Trauma- related life issues, parenting coaching, relationship coaching and general wellness coaching.

Sarah believes that while we tend to work towards a destination in future, all we ever have is the present moment in time, hence her assertion that the journey is the point of it all. We all have an innate need for companionship along the journey of life and she offers her time and expertise as an empathic companion

Mercy Muya 1


Therapist and Mental Wellness Coach

Mercy is a registered Professional Counsellor (KCPA). She is pursuing her master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. She also has a background training in mediation and addiction. She has dedicated most of her career to working with the youth and middle aged population.  Mercy aims to assist and support clients to be the authors of their own lives.  She has experience working with anxiety, depression, loss and grief, addiction, relationship concerns, and other life experiences. Through her work, Mercy strives to foster a safe space where clients can tell their story, gain insight into how that story has impacted them over time, and then help them create a new reality that is more fulfilling.

Caroline Okumu 1


Therapist and Mental Wellness Coach

Caroline’s experience in community development and project management inspired her to pursue a career in mental health, where she could work with both individuals and groups. This led to further training and certification in counseling psychology and counselor supervision, and she has been working as a therapist and mental coach for several years now. She is a member of both the Positive Psychology Association of Kenya (PPAK) and the Kenya Counselling and Psychological Association (KCPA). Currently, she is pursuing a master’s degree in trauma counseling.


Trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are core issues that Caroline is particularly involved in. She has been consistent in helping people cope with the effects of traumatic events in their lives as well as issues related to personality, spirituality, relationships, sexuality, and developmental concerns.

Caroline loves working side by side with her clients to reconnect with themselves, find support, meaning, and a sense of belonging.

Joseph Kimotho 1


Business Coach

Joseph is the Founder and Managing Director of Frontier Marketing Ltd, one of the top marketing execution firms in East Africa.

He has over 15 years’ experience in Entrepreneurship and is an adjunct Lecturer at United States International University (USIU) Business School. He holds an MBA (Strategic Management), MSc (Marketing) and is currently pursuing a PHD in Marketing to further hone his expertise.

Joseph brings a wealth of knowledge and skills in all aspects of owning, running and growing a business. He shares his experiences, both positive and challenging. He offers his challenging experiences as stepping stones for clients, and the positive ones as encouragement for upcoming or struggling business owners.

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